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6 Best Print on Demand Affiliate Programs

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you decide to purchase through my links.

This post is sponsored by Sellfy

If you use print on demand services, you can make money by referring them to others. There are quite a few notable print on demand companies that have affiliate programs. Many of them have decent commissions to boot! 

Best Print on Demand Affiliate Programs

  1. Sellfy
  2. Printful
  3. Printify
  4. TeePublic
  5. Custom Cat
  6. Custom Ink

What I love about being an affiliate for print on demand companies is that I succeed when my customers succeed. It’s a win-win. For example, a lot of the programs on this list will give you a commission whenever someone uses your link to place an order. 

Unless they are ordering something for themselves, you can assume that they are ordering something because they’ve made a sale in their own online store. They get a profit, you get a profit. Pretty neat, right?

While it’s heartwarming to know that people are using your affiliate links to make sales on their own PoD stores, what’s even more heartwarming is knowing how lucrative it can be for you. A lot of these print on demand affiliate programs have great commissions that you’ll be excited about.

Let’s dive into them.

1. Sellfy

When someone signs up for Sellfy using your affiliate link, you will receive a 25% lifetime commission on Sellfy’s subscription plans, with opportunities for it to rise to 40%. This means you’ll receive commissions from your referrals for as long as they are paid subscribers to Sellfy.

Sellfy Affiliate Program Fast Facts

-Lifetime commissions
-25% commission on subscriptions, with opportunities to raise it to 40%
-Payment through PayPal or Stripe via PartnerStack
-Monthly payments

Sellfy’s affiliate program is one of the most generous print on demand affiliate programs around.

To begin with, it’s the highest commission rate on this list, coming in at 25% with opportunities to raise it to 40%. The ability to raise your commission rate depends on how many sales you make per month, which is a great incentive.

It also doesn’t expire. Many affiliate programs on this list have a set period of time when you can earn commissions from any given customer. With Sellfy, you’ll earn commissions from any referrals you bring in for the lifetime of that customer as a paid Sellfy customer.

Aside from the generous commission rates, something I love about promoting Sellfy is that it’s more than a print on demand provider. In fact, they offer a LOT of ways for people to sell products online.

As someone who loves to help artists make money from their work, I love all of the options that Sellfy can provide all in one place.

sellfy options

So, when you’re promoting Sellfy as an affiliate, you have a lot to offer your audience with their platform.

Alright, so now that we know that this affiliate program is awesome, how do you sign up? Sellfy’s affiliate program is hosted by PartnerStack, an easy to use affiliate platform that hosts a whole slew of affiliate programs.

I have a number of affiliate partnerships that are hosted with PartnerStack and it’s really nice to have them all in one place.

If you’re someone who promotes print on demand platforms, or e-commerce platforms in general, the Sellfy affiliate program is something you don’t want to pass up. It’s a great product you’ll feel confident promoting, while also paying you generous commissions to do so.

Sign up for Sellfy’s affiliate program here!

2. Printful

When someone signs up for Printful using your affiliate link, you will receive a 10% commission on all of their Printful orders for a period of 9 months. The 9 month clock only begins after the first sale is made.

Printful Affiliate Program Fast Facts

-Recurring for 9 months
-10% commission on every sale
-Payment through PayPal
-$25 minimum payout – request payments at any time

I’m a big fan of Printful’s affiliate program. I’m a big fan of Printful in general, which is why I promote it so much via their affiliate links. Given what a powerhouse Printful is in the PoD world, and what a good job they do with their service, it’s not hard to make a case as to why aspiring PoD sellers should check it out.

And, you’ll want to. Printful’s affiliate program can be very financially rewarding. 

Whenever someone uses your affiliate link to sign up for Printful, they’ll be added to your list of customers. At initial sign up, it will say that their affiliate period hasn’t started yet. As soon as that customer makes an order with Pritnful, that will be adjusted to the date of that first sale.

For the next 9 months, you will benefit from 10% commissions from every single order that your customer completes with Printful.

It’s fantastic. Longer than 9 months would be great, but I won’t be greedy.

Of course, you’re bound to have some duds. People will sign up for Printful without real intent to use it, and will never make any orders. Those customers will simply sit on your list without bringing you any commissions.

On the other hand, there will be times when you REALLY luck out. There are some customers who will sign up for Printful and go bananas. Maybe they order a ton of samples for themselves, or they sync Printful products to an already successful PoD store. Maybe they start a new PoD store and have wild success, or maybe they make sizable bulk orders via Printful’s platform.

Whatever the reason, you can profit quite handsomely from 10% commissions over a 9 month period of time.

Hands down, if you are a Printful user who loves the company, signing up for their affiliate program is a great financial opportunity. 

Aside from the financial benefit, the other great thing about Printful’s affiliate program is that it’s easy to use. Like the rest of their services, it’s simple and sleek. You can find a link to your affiliate dashboard in your normal Printful account. Simply scan for it in the navigation bar on the left hand side.

printful affiliate program

Once you’re in your dashboard, Printful makes it very easy to access your unique affiliate link, see how many sign ups/active customers you have, and view/request your commissions.

When you’re ready to cash out on your commissions, there’s a button on the affiliate dashboard to do so. There’s no minimum payout dollar amount, so feel free to cash out as needed.

Printful affiliate payouts only happen through PayPal, which comes with a downside.

When you receive your payout from Printful within your PayPal account, you’ll notice that PayPal will have taken a fee. Bummer.

I contacted Printful about this fee and they said that there’s nothing they could do about it. Honestly, it seems strange. I receive payments from other platforms via PayPal (TeePublic, for example) and have never had a fee deducted from it. Printful claims that they don’t have the necessary agreement with PayPal to eliminate the fee. I hope this changes in the future so that our affiliate commissions don’t get eaten into.

Despite the additional PayPal fees, Printful’s affiliate program is a great opportunity to make money promoting this great print on demand service.

Sign up for Printful’s affiliate program here!

3. Printify

When someone signs up for Printify using your affiliate link, you will receive a 5% commission on all of their Printify orders for a period of 12 months. The 9 month clock only begins after the first sale is made.

Printify Affiliate Program Fast Facts

-Recurring for 12 months
-5% commission on every sale
-Payment through PayPal or Stripe via PartnerStack
-Monthly payments

Printify’s affiliate program is very similar to Printful’s. If you’re a fan of Printify yourself and want to promote them, you’ll be happy to earn money doing so.

While Printify’s commission is only 5%, they give you 12 months to earn money from each order. That said, unlike Printful, your 12 months starts as soon as your customer signs up for Printify using your link, not from the time that they make their first sale.

So, if your customer doesn’t make their first Printify sale until month 11, you only have 1 month left to enjoy commissions from their orders. 

Printify’s affiliate program is hosted with PartnerStack, like Sellfy’s. This is really nice because you can have both of these great affiliate programs in the same place.

Printify is another behemoth in the print on demand world. Like Printful, I personally believe that it’s a platform that any beginning print on demand seller should try. I use it myself and love it. That’s why I also love promoting it. 

Printify is definitely a contender on this list of the best print on demand affiliate programs.

Sign up for Printify’s affiliate program here!

4. TeePublic

TeePublic will pay you $1 for every customer that signs up to their platform via your link, up to $1000. While it’s not a traditional affiliate program, it’s a great way to make money by referring TeePublic’s service.

TeePublic’s Affiliate Program Fast Facts

-One time
-$1 per sign up
-Payment through PayPal
-Monthly payments

TeePublic’s affiliate program isn’t a traditional affiliate program, but neither is their platform a traditional print on demand platform. So, we’ll go with it. 

TeePublic is like Redbubble in that it’s a royalty-based print on demand company. Artists upload their designs to TeePublic’s platform, and that’s where they’re sold. TeePublic pays the artist a royalty with each order, but the artist doesn’t have to deal with any of the production, shipping, or customer service. 

This is unlike traditional print on demand platforms like Printful and Printify that more so serve as middlemen to fulfill orders on Etsy, Shopify, etc.

TeePublic’s affiliate program is extremely straightforward. Every time someone signs up to be a designer on TeePublic via your link, you’ll earn $1. This caps out at $1000.

Of course, these financial stats aren’t great. $1 isn’t very much, and it’s a bummer to be locked out of the program after $1000.

That said, I refer people to TeePublic all of the time, so I might as well make a buck from it. 

TeePublic is SUCH a great place for people to sell their art, especially when they’re just getting started. Using a royalty-based platform removes so much of the nerves and hassle of becoming a seller. It can be a great way to make the leap from artist to side hustling artist.

If you think so too, start promoting TeePublic and watch those $1 bills roll in.

Your TeePublic referrals are linked to your regular TeePublic account. So, if you’re a TeePublic designer already, you’re ready to go – no sign up required.

Click on the “My Account” button and look at the navigation bar on the left hand side. Click on the “Make $1000” button and that’s where you’ll find your affiliate code.

teepublic affiliate program

TeePublic pays via PayPal once per month.

Even though you won’t make a fortune with TeePublic’s affiliate program, might as well use your affiliate link if you’re referring people to TeePublic anyways.

If you already have a TeePublic account, you’re already a TeePublic affiliate. If you don’t, you can sign up for TeePublic here! Thank you for the $1 of support 😉

5. Custom Cat

Custom Cat is launching their affiliate program in early 2021. They have a sign up form you can use to stay informed about when they’ll be launching and how you can be a part of it.

It’s exciting that Custom Cat is jumping into the affiliate world! There’s no doubt that they’ll be a strong contender on this list of the best affiliate programs for print on demand once they’ve launched.

Custom Cat is a platform that’s similar to Printful and Printify. While they have yet to build up the big reputation that Printful and Printify have, they’re a notable print on demand company that’s waiting to be more highly discovered. 

Their affiliate program can help.

Custom Cat hasn’t released any info about their program yet, but you can sign up here to get the latest updates about when their affiliate program will be released and what it will entail.

Ok, let’s move on to my final recommendation. It’s not a traditional print on demand platform, but it has great commission rates and a great reputation. No doubt, it’s a good option to consider as an affiliate partner.

6. Custom Ink

When someone makes an order with Custom Ink via your affiliate link, you will make a 7% commission. In addition, if you refer other affiliate partners, you will receive $10 per partner you sign up for the Custom Ink affiliate program.

Custom Ink Affiliate Program Fast Facts

-One time
-7% commission per sale; $10 per affiliate partner you refer
-Payment through check, deposit, or Payoneer
-$50 or $100 minimum payout depending on payment method

We don’t often think of Custom Ink as a print on demand company. It’s true that they cater more towards bulk orders for families, groups, and organizations.

That said, they do have a collection of products that don’t have a minimum order quantity and their prices are pretty cheap. The only downside is that your products would have Custom Ink branding.

I have a number of Custom Ink products myself and love their quality. 

The reason I wanted to add Custom Ink to this list of the best print on demand affiliate companies is because they could conceivably be used for print on demand, as I mentioned. In addition, they’re a big-name company that offers a rockstar affiliate company.

Where you could profit the most from Custom Ink’s affiliate program is referring other affiliate members to their affiliate program. You’ll get $10 for every new affiliate member you refer to Custom Ink’s affiliate program. That’s great!

Custom Ink’s affiliate program is hosted by CJ (Commission Junction), which means that you’ll need to sign up for a CJ account and then apply to Custom Ink’s program from there.

You can sign up for Commission Junction here!

Print on demand is such an amazon opportunity – as a seller, as a customer, and now as an affiliate. I hope that this list of the best print on demand affiliate programs has given you some ideas about how you can add to your income as an affiliate marketer. Have fun referring your favorite print on demand companies to others, helping others succeed while you make money as well. 

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