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6 Best Desks for Digital Drawing

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As digital artists, we’re used to curling up with our tablets and drawing wherever we can. Or, we prop our computers up on the kitchen table. We’re masters of creativity, both in our work and our setup. That said, there’s something to be said for having a desk that can give us the support we need for our digital drawing. 

It’s amazing what a good desk can do for our motivation, focus, and overall comfort. Hey, I love working on the couch more than anyone, but it’s easy to get sleepy and distracted. A good digital drawing desk that has good artistic vibes can make a world of difference. 

Before we dive into the top choices, let’s talk about the top things you should look for in a desk for your digital drawing art.

1. An adjustable desk is key for digital drawing with a tablet.

Of course, with digital art, you won’t have as many supplies as you would with traditional painting and drawing. You might have a few styluses here and there, but you won’t have cups of water, palettes, pencils, and paintbrushes strewn everywhere. 

As far as art is concerned, digital drawing and painting is pretty low maintenance. That means you won’t need a desk that can hold a bunch of objects on it as you work. In fact, it lends itself to an angled desk that you can adjust to your comfort.

You’ll see that a lot of my suggestions are drafting desks. Digital drawing or otherwise, these desks are great ergonomically. Many of them can be adjusted to different angles, relieving the pressure on your wrists and back as you work. 

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You will need to make sure that your tablet stays in place though, so it’s a good idea to get a non-slip case or mat.

Because you don’t need a bunch of materials on your desk for digital artwork, you don’t need to worry about spilling things as you move your desk up and down. This lets you choose an ergonomic desk that’s good for your body, as well as your art. 

2. Get an open desk that gives you flexibility with positioning.

What I love about the desks on this list is that they give you a LOT of opens for positioning. As artists, it’s important to have the flexibility to design our workspaces in a way that inspires the most creativity. 

Again, we go back to the fact that digital drawing doesn’t require a ton of supplies. You don’t need a behemoth of a desk that has deep drawers for a ton of art supplies. Get something light that you can move around as you need. 

Have the option to position it in front of your favorite window with a view that inspires you. 

Have the option to move it when you need to try something new.

What I love about the desks on this list is that they can adjust as you need to adjust. The multi-level desks for desktop work are a bit less movable, but you’ll still have some good options for where you put them in your house.

3. Multi-Level Will Save Your Back for Desktop Work

If you do your digital drawing on a desktop, you don’t want to be hunched over all day. Also, if you use an external tablet hooked up to your desktop, you need extra room for all of your equipment.

Multi-level desks are a great way to keep your desktop high enough so that you don’t strain your back, while also having a second layer of space for your external tablet if needed.

Ok, so now that we’ve talked about my three key criteria, let’s dive into my top choices of the best digital drawing desks to inspire your artistic creativity. First we’ll talk about adjustable desks and then move into multi-level desks.

1. Yaheetech Adjustable Glass Drafting Table

Yaheetech Adjustable Glass Drafting Table

What I love about the Yaheetech Adjustable Glass Drafting Table is that it’s sleek and slim, while also making the most out of the space and structure it has. 

If you look closely, you’ll see that there are supply cups and holders along both sides of the desk. They’re small and discrete and don’t add much to the length or heft of the desk. Yet, they were able to pack quite a few in there. Handy, indeed!

I also love how nice and clean the glass tabletop looks. This is one of those desks that will make you excited to sit down and do your digital drawing everyday. And, when you aren’t using it for drawing, it’ll actually look good in your home. No need to hide it away during a houseparty.

Check out the Yaheetech Adjustable Glass Drafting Table here on Amazon!

2. Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table

vintage rustic oak drafting table

If you want a drafting table that will make a decorative statement, this Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table is the digital drawing desk for you. It has a solid oak wood frame and a thick tabletop. The hinges and adjustments are classic metal and give this table a neat, rustic feel.

Be careful; if you get this drafting table, you might have other people in the house trying to steal it. Luckily, they probably won’t be able to pick it up. Even if you have to fight to keep it for yourself, this vintage option makes a great desk for your digital art needs.

Check out the Vintage Rustic Oak Drafting Table here on Amazon!

3. Sedeta Drafting Table

sedata drafting table

What I love about the Sedeta Drafting Table is that only a portion of the tabletop lifts up. That way, you don’t have to lift your entire table up just to support your small tablet. It also has great storage on the side for everything you need for your digital drawing, and more.

If you need your desk to function for more than your digital drawing needs, this desk will give you a lot of space and options. While it doesn’t have any traditional drawers, it has open storage shelves that you can decorate in a cute way with pencil cups or small storage boxes.

Check out the Sedeta Drafting Table here on Amazon!

4. Topsky Computer Desk

topsky computer desk

In the multi-level desk category, this Topsky Computer Desk is an amazing choice. It has 3 levels, which gives you a lot of choices when placing your desktop, tablet, keyboard, and whatever else you might need. 

It’s also beautiful. This is a functional desk that doesn’t use its functionality as an excuse to be ugly.

While it doesn’t have a ton of storage space, it offers enough room for your essentials. It’s modern, compact, sleek, and has enough levels for all of your digital drawing equipment.

Check out the Topsky Computer Desk here!

5. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation

z-line designs cyrus workstation

I have a Z-Line desk and I LOVE it. That poor thing has been dismantled and traveled hundreds of miles and still looks good as new. Z-Line is a great company and makes some great desks, including this Cyrus Workstation

What I love about this Cyrus Workstation is that it has 3 tiers, like the one we talked about previously. This will give you enough space to spread out your drawing materials and work in a comfortable position. 

This desk is a bit heftier than the previous one we talked about, so the choice between the two is really about aesthetics and storage space. This desk, despite being a bit more bulky, doesn’t have drawers or storage areas. But, if you like the look of the wood and glass design, that might be ok for your needs.

Check out the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation here on Amazon!

6. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

z-line belaire glass l-shaped computer desk

Here’s another great Z-Line option, but with a unique and different design. This Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk is PERFECT if you have an empty corner that could use filling. This desk is also perfect if you need additional space to spread out, while also getting the ergonomic benefits of a multi-leveled setup. 

Personally, I love these all glass tabletops. You may need to do more cleaning to get rid of fingerprints, but I love how classy this desk setup looks. This could make a really neat digital drawing workspace that inspires creativity.

Check out the Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk here on Amazon!

Even though we’ve talked about 6 great adjustable and multi-tiered desk options for your digital drawing, you need to think about what works for you. What do you need as an artist? What would be the most comfortable? The most functional?

If none of these options sparked your interest, look through Amazon’s list of drafting tables and their list of multi-level computer desks. Indulge in some scrolling and see if you find something that sparks your creativity and suits your needs. Whatever you choose, be sure to make art that you love.

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