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How to Disable Printful From Your Etsy Store

For whatever reason, you may realize that you need to disconnect your Etsy store from Printful. Maybe you’ve started selling fully handmade products, you’re selling a product that Printful doesn’t offer, or you simply need to make a change. Luckily, disabling your Printful integration is pretty easy.

The best way to disable Printful from your Etsy store is to unsync your products in your Printful dashboard. This will unlink Printful from your Etsy store, but keep your listings intact. You can also delete listings and remake them in Etsy, but this will cost you a relisting fee and your ranking. 

Before you disable Printful from your Etsy store, there are some things you’ll want to consider.

Things can get messy really quickly, especially if you have a lot of listings.

Quick note: in this article, we’re talking about disabling products. If you want to delete products, be sure to read my guide on deleting products in Printful.

Naturally, be careful when you do this, as you don’t want to accidentally disable products or forget that you’ve disabled products and then cause issues with your store.

There is No Disable Button in Printful

There is no way to click a button and have your Printful store disconnected from your Etsy store. Your products were created within Printful and sent to Etsy, which means they are permanently linked in some way. To disable them, you’ll need to be creative.

It’s important to remember that any Etsy listings that are linked to Printful were originally created with Printful. They originated within Printful’s ecosystem.

This makes it more complicated if you want to disable Printful for some reason. Yes, you can permanently delete your Printful store within your settings, but I DON’T suggest that. You will lose all of your content.

While it may take longer, it’s better to disable individual listings.

Let’s dive into them.

Ignore or Unsync Your Printful Products

If you ignore or unsync your products within your Printful dashboard, you break the connection between Printful and Etsy. Unsyncing will prevent Printful from knowing which product to use when an order comes in, while ignoring will tell Printful to ignore any orders that come in altogether.

Ignoring your products will be the best option. It’s the quickest option, as well as the easiest to reverse if you need to. Let’s talk about that one first.

Ignoring Your Printful Products

If you ignore a Printful product, Printful will not fulfill any orders that come in for that product. This is a great way to disable Printful from your store for specific products, as needed. If you change your mind, simply unignore it to restore Printful’s connection to Etsy for that product.

Here’s what happens when you ignore your Printful products. 

If a customer places an order for an ignored product, and it’s the only product in the order, Printful will not import it into your Printful dashboard at all.

If a customer places an order for an ignored product, but also orders products that are still active within your Printful account as well, the products will be imported, but only the unignored products will be fulfilled.

Basically, Printful will not fulfill any orders for products that are ignored. 

Something nice about this option is that you can ignore your products in bulk. Simply scroll through your Printful dashboard and check the products you want to ignore. When you’re done, click the ignore button. 

printful ignore products

If you ever change your mind and want to re-enable your products again, you can do that in bulk as well. Simply check your ignored products and then click the unignore button.

Personally, this is my preferred method vs. the one we’ll be talking about next.

Again, be careful when you do this.

Unsync Your Printful Products

Another way to disable your Printful products from your Printful store is to unsync them. Make sure to unsync every variant you offer for your product. This will sever the connection between Printful and your Etsy store for that product.

Again, this is NOT my preferred way of disabling products, but it IS a way, so we’re going to talk about it. 

To do this, click into each product you want to disable. Check every variant you offer for that product and then click the “Unsync” button.

printful unsync products

Once you’ve done this, if someone were to place an order for that product, you would get a message saying that your product is unsynced and can’t be fulfilled. From there, you would need to manually fulfill it yourself.

Why don’t I like this method?

It’s a bit messy.

When you ignore products, you can do it in bulk for all of your products without having to click into them individually. Not only is this quicker, it also ensures you don’t miss any product variants.

When you unsync your products, you need to unsync each product individually. You also need to be careful to unsync every variant of each product. If you miss one, a customer could order it and it would end up being fulfilled by Printful.

Unsyncing each product individually also takes longer than ignoring your products in bulk. This isn’t a problem if you have one or two products to disable, but it’s labor intensive if you have a lot of products to go through.

Again, be careful when you do this.

Alright, so there’s one last option, but I DEFINITELY don’t suggest it. Make sure to read this next section because you don’t want to make this mistake.

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Disable Your Products By Deleting Your Listings

I do not recommend deleting your listings as a way to disable Printful from your Etsy store. This will cause your listing to lose its ranking within Etsy and will also cost you a listing fee once you recreate that listing again within your store.

If your plan is to delete your listing and never offer it again, go ahead and delete it. That’s not a problem.

That said, don’t delete a listing just to disable it from Printful. If you recreate this listing from scratch in your Etsy store, it will lose all of the good history it had on the platform. 

You will be starting over with that listing’s SEO, which means that you risk losing your listing’s ranking position. This can be devastating, especially if you were ranking on page 1 for a competitive search term.

You will also have to pay a new listing fee to Etsy. Even though listing fees don’t cost very much, they can definitely add up if you have a lot of listings to create.

Again, be careful when you do this.

Disabling Printful from your Etsy store isn’t something you’ll need to do often but, when you do, it’s important to do it correctly. Taking the proper steps will make sure that you keep both your Printful account and your Etsy store in good shape.

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