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How Long Does it Take to Learn How to Crochet as a Beginner?

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If you have a goal to learn crochet, it might seem like an overwhelming task. How do you make all of those stitches that eventually turn into a hat, scarf, pillow, or even a cute amigurumi toy? Learning to crochet might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

It doesn’t take long to learn basic crochet stitches. With practice, basic crochet stitches can be learned in a day or two. More advanced crochet techniques take longer to learn, adding up to weeks or months, depending on the project and the time the crocheter can devote to it.

With the right resources and dedication, it doesn’t have to be a long and grueling process to learn how to crochet. In fact, beginning crocheters can find themselves making great stitches in a single sitting.

This doesn’t mean that crocheting is easy. Crocheting can be hard to learn and master. It’s just that learning how to crochet in the right way can speed up your learning process and make it easier to grasp.

Here’s how.

crochet project in progress

Set Aside Time Every Day for Crocheting

When you’re learning to crochet, it’s important to set aside a chunk of time every single day to practice. Crocheting relies on muscle memory and mastering repetitive techniques. Practicing crochet on a regular basis will not only help you get more comfortable with the movements, but speed up your learning process as well.

Repetition is REALLY important when learning crochet. If you sit down to learn how to crochet for 5 minutes and then don’t crochet again for another week, it will be hard to pick up your learning where you left off.

Instead, it will feel like you’re having to relearn the crochet basics over and over again.

When you’re first learning to crochet, I suggest setting aside a large chunk of time every single day for practicing your stitches. Aim for at least 45 minutes, if you can. 

The goal is to set aside enough uninterrupted crocheting time that you can not only learn a basic stitch, but also be able to practice it enough that you can complete it by memory. 

Ideally, you want to be able to sit down with your crochet the next day and be able to complete the stitch you learned yesterday with only a very brief overview.

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Eventually, you’ll be able to crochet naturally. I crochet while I watch TV, listen to podcasts, and have conversations with friends and family. I’ve developed muscle memory that allows me to do basic crochet stitches without thinking about it.

Developing this muscle memory takes time. Have patience. 

To develop this muscle memory more quickly, it’s important to practice in longer, uninterrupted spurts. Set aside time every single day to crochet. If you do, you’ll find that you can learn basic crochet stitches in a short amount of time.

Don’t Take on Advanced Crochet Stitches Too Quickly

Once you’ve learned the basic crochet stitches, it can be tempting to jump beyond your skill level into complex crochet projects. Learning more advanced crochet techniques can take longer than learning the basic stitches, so it’s important to pace yourself and devote as much time and attention to learning these advanced techniques as you initially did to learning the basic stitches.

While you can learn basic crochet stitches relatively quickly with the right time and resources, the learning process can be longer for more advanced techniques. 

Whether you’re learning fun new stitches like the trinity or star stitch, or you’re learning new crochet techniques altogether like tunisian crochet or corner to corner, approach every new crochet skill with a beginner’s mind. 

Find that daily, uninterrupted learning time again and work on developing the muscle memory for the new technique you’re learning. 

Expect that learning more advanced techniques will take longer. Personally, it took me weeks of daily practice to feel comfortable making graphghans. Even still, it’s quite a workout for my brain whenever I sit down with a new graphghan pattern.

crochet square with forest design

What I love about crochet is that there’s always something new to learn. If you master the basic stitches and want to challenge yourself to tackle more advanced techniques, you can! There are more than enough stitches, techniques, and methods to learn.

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Take Crochet Classes

Taking crochet classes is one of the best ways to progress in a methodical and strategic way with learning crochet without getting overwhelmed. Classes can ensure you aren’t missing any fundamental cornerstones of your crochet knowledge, while also fostering an enjoyable learning experience.

Personally, whenever I want to learn a new art skill, I run straight to a class. These days, the good news is that you don’t even have to leave your house to find a great art class. 

Skillshare has become the best friend I turn to whenever I want to learn something new.

skillshare crochet classes
Skillshare has a lot of great crochet classes to choose from!

What I love about classes is that they help you structure and pace your learning. Every skill is broken down, step-by-step. There’s no worries that you’ll miss a fundamental step that derails you into frustration.

They also ensure that you progress at a natural pace. As long as you don’t dive into classes above your skill level before you’re ready, classes can be a great way to ensure that you’re learning and advancing at a reasonable rate. 

If you haven’t checked out Skillshare, grab a discount on your first year here. This can be the perfect motivation to start a consistent, daily, crochet routine. Challenge yourself to complete a lesson or two every day for the duration of your membership. 

You may be surprised with how much you can learn!

Given the proper dedication and resources, learning how to crochet doesn’t need to take a long time. Set aside time every single day to crochet with the guidance of a class and see how quickly you can learn.

That said, don’t forget to have fun along the way! At the end of the day, you want to make sure you’re having an enjoyable experience with your crochet so that it turns into a lifelong passion instead of a passing whim.

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