How to Add Fonts in Desygner

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Fonts add so much character and individuality to any design. That’s why it’s so important to have the freedom to use any font you need for your project at any given time. Luckily, Desygner is a graphic design program that easily lets you do that.

To add fonts in Desygner, upload your .ttf and .svg font files to your account assets. You can also browse through Desygner’s collection of web fonts and add them to your font list as well. Any fonts you add or upload will be available in the font list for all of your designs.

It may not be the most exciting thing you do as an artist, but it can be REALLY helpful to set aside some time to build your font collection.

Search through Desygner’s web fonts, find additional fonts online, and upload any fonts you need to your account. 

That way, you can build a nice font collection without constantly getting pulled from your design flow everytime you need to find a new font for your design and add it to your Desygner account. Of course, this will happen from time to time because there are fonts you don’t know you need yet.

But, by taking the time to build a strong font collection from the outset, you’ll at least increase your chances of already having the font you need when you need it.

Alright, let’s first talk about how to upload fonts into your Desygner account. Then we’ll talk about accessing Desygner’s web fonts and where you can find fonts online to use for your designs.

How to Upload Fonts in Desygner

To upload fonts in Desygner, go to the “Assets” section of your account. Scroll to the “Fonts” section and click on the “Upload” button on the right hand side with the upwards arrow icon.  Drag and drop your font files into the upload box. Desygner accepts .ttf and .svg files.

Here’s what you need to do, step-by-step:


1. Click on the “Assets” button in the top navigation bar. The Assets section is where you can upload images into your Desygner account too

desygner assets

2. Scroll down to the “Fonts” section

3. Click on the upward arrow icon. Once you hover over it, it will expand and say “Upload”

desygner upload fonts

4. Click on the upload box to open your computer’s files. You can also drag and drop your font file into the upload box. Desygner accepts .ttf and .svg files. For some reason it says that it accepts other types of files as well, but I’ve never been able to make anything but .ttf and .svg files work.

If you have .otf font files, keep reading for a solution.

desygner upload font box

5. You’ll see your new font show up in your list of fonts on your Assets page. It will also show up in your font list for all of your designs so that you can use it.

If you get any errors, it’s most likely that you aren’t using the right file type. 

As you’ve probably realized. .oft is a common font file. Sadly, they don’t always work with Desygner. Luckily, you can convert your .otf files into .ttf files.

Use this converter to change your .oft files to .ttf files and you’ll be all set!

You can use this method to upload any custom fonts that you find or purchase online. We’ll talk about how to find fonts like these in one of the next sections.

First though, while we’re on the Assets page, let’s do a brief overview of Desygner’s web fonts.

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How to Use Desygner’s Web Fonts

Desygner has a long list of web fonts that are not immediately accessible for all of your projects, but can easily be added to your font collection. Click on the “Web Fonts” button on your “Assets” page and add any fonts that you’d like to your collection for use in your projects.

Here’s what you need to do, step-by-step:

1. Click on the “Assets” button in the top navigation bar

desygner assets

2. Scroll down to the “Fonts” section

3. Click on the globe icon. Once you hover over it, it will expand and say “Web Fonts”

desygner web fonts

4. Scroll through the list of web fonts and toggle on as many fonts as you’d like

desygner adding web fonts

5. When you’re done toggling on fonts, click the “Add” button to add them to your font collection

Adding web fonts is a great way to build up a strong font collection really quickly. There are a TON of fonts to choose from.

It only takes a few seconds to add web fonts to your collection, so this is a great feature that Desygner offers to give you access to a lot of different font options.

But, maybe Desygner doesn’t have the font that you need. It happens! 

Let’s talk about some great places where you can find additional fonts online. Bookmark these resources so that you can quickly search through them whenever you need a new font.

Where to Find Fonts Online

There are a lot of places to find both free and paid fonts online. When doing a font search, make sure you are using legit sources and your fonts come with the licenses that you need. Build a list of reputable places to find fonts so you don’t have to restart your search every time.

If you plan to sell your work, you will want to make sure you are using fonts that come with commercial licenses. To be safe, you can decide to only get fonts with a commercial license. That way, you don’t have to keep track of fonts that do and don’t have commercial licenses.

At the time of this writing, all of Desygner’s fonts can be used for commercial purposes, but double check for yourself in case things have changed.

Here are my favorite places to get fonts for commercial use:

1. Design Cuts (commercial licenses are often included, but check on a per font basis)

2. Font Bundles (free commercial fonts)

3. Creative Fabrica (free commercial fonts)

Once you dive in, adding fonts to your Desygner account can be really fun. With each font you add, your creative juices will start flowing and you’ll start seeing the potential of new projects. 

A neat and fun font can give you a design idea you had never thought of before!

Adding fonts to your Desygner account is quick, easy, and stress-free. Have fun and start getting creative with your typography! 

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