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How to Connect Squarespace to Printful, Step-by-Step

If you’re looking to start selling merch on your own Squarespace website, Printful can be a great option! I personally love Printful products and have had a great experience offering them in my online stores.

So, in this tutorial, we’re going to talk about what you need to know to set up your Squarespace and Printful integration, step-by-step.

I also have a tutorial on connecting Squarespace to Printify if you came here looking for that as well!

1. Make sure your Printful and Squarespace accounts are ready to go

Before you can connect your Printful and Squarespace accounts, you need Printful and Squarespace accounts to connect. 

Sign up for Printful and Squarespace if you haven’t done so already.

Then, familiarize yourself with everything and make sure you’re ready to get started with the integration.

sign up for printful

2. In Squarespace, make sure you have a Store page

Within Squarespace, you may or may not have a store page ready to go. You can check by clicking on the Pages button.

If you already have a store page, cool deal!

If you need to create a store page, click on the + button and choose the Store option.

squarespace adding a store page

3. Clean up and customize your Squarespace store

When you choose the Store page, you’ll see some design templates. Choose the one that’s most appealing to you to have this template added to your store.

squarespace store templates

One of the first things you may notice is that some default products have been added to your store. You may have your own reasons to want to keep these around, but the first thing I do is delete them. I personally like to have a clean slate store.

squarespace deleting products

Next, click on the gear icon to edit the details of your page. Here you can customize the name of your store, the slug, and more.

squarespace store settings

Take some time to adjust these details and, when you’re ready, let’s start integrating your new store page with Printful.

4. Within Printful, click on the the Stores menu

To get started with our integration, we’re going to turn to Printful. Within your Printful account, look at the menu on the left-hand side and choose the Stores option.

printful stores button

5. Click on the Choose platform option

Once you’re in Printful’s Stores menu, you’ll see a list of the platforms and stores you have integrated with Printful. 

Scroll down until you see the Choose platform option and click on it. This will allow you to add another platform to integrate with Printful.

printful choose platform for integration

6. Click on the Squarespace option

Printful has a lot of platforms that you can integrate with your account. Resist the temptation of looking at all of them! For me, this is always hard. There are so many platforms that i suddenly want to research and explore.


Scroll down until you find the Squarespace option and click on the Connect button.

printful connect to squarespace

Printful will have a page of helpful instructions. Thank you, Printful! Check them out and then click on the Connect button on that page.

7. Review the permissions

In order for the integration to happen, your Squarespace and Printful accounts will need to communicate and share info with each other in certain ways. 

Read over and understand the permissions before clicking on the Allow button.

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8. Confirm Printful account

You may find a screen that asks you to confirm the Printful account you want to link to your Squarespace store.

Make sure all of the details look correct and go ahead and confirm the connection.

9. Confirm the integration from the Squarespace side

At this point, your Printful account should be connected to your Squarespace account. But, let’s confirm it to be sure.

Within Squarespace, click on the Commerce button in the menu on the left-hand side.

squarespace commerce option

Next, click on the Custom Merch button in the menu on the left-hand side.

squarespace custom merch option

If the integration is set up properly, you should see a screen that tells you it’s connected to your Printful account. 

squarespace connected to printful

Following these steps within Squarespace is actually an alternate way of setting up the integration from the get go. If you haven’t already set up the integration from the Printful side, navigating from the Commerce screen to the Custom Merch screen should lead you to a Connect button that will then guide you through the integration process.

So, whether you’re confirming your integration, or setting up the integration to begin with, this step is important.

10. Create your products within Printful, not Squarespace

This is REALLY important! 

When you start creating Printful products for your Squarespace store, you need to create them within Printful – the store within Printful that’s connected to your Squarespace store.

Also, if you have multiple stores linked with your Printful account, make sure you have the correct Squarespace store selected so that you don’t accidentally create products for one of your different stores.

So, to verify before you start creating products, go to your list of Printful stores and click on the Add product button from your desired Squarespace store within Printful.

You can find this by going to your Stores page and clicking on the Add product button within your Squarespace store listing.

printful add product to squarespace store

You can also go to the Commerce screen in Squarespace and click on Custom Merch. Then, click on the Add product button. See how it navigates you back to Printful?

printful add product from squarespace side

Again, make sure your products are being created within Printful, not Squarespace.

Let’s say that I want to add one of Printful’s awesome shirts to my Squarespace store. I find my product in Printful after clicking on the Add product button from my Squarespace store listing and click on it to start designing.

printful shirt options for design

I add my design, choose the colors and variants, and make sure that I’m happy with it.

printful art logo on shirt

Also, I always take a moment to enjoy my art on a product. Personally, I was so gleeful the first time I saw my own art on an actual product. And I’m still gleeful now, even after creating countless products at this point.

Whether you’re selling your Procreate art, or other type of art, step back and have fun seeing it come alive on one of Printful’s products!

Continue through the process of creating your product, from choosing the mockups, to adding the product details, and deciding the pricing.

11. Submit your Printful product to to your Squarespace store

When you’re done creating your Printful product and finalizing the details of it, you’ll find a Submit to store button. This will link this product to your Squarespace store.

printful submit product to squarespace store

12. Check that your product appears correctly in your Squarespace store

After you’ve submitted your product, give Printful some time to work its magic.

printful shirt processing to squarespace

You’ll know that everything’s complete when you see the product listed in your Printful dashboard for your Squarespace store.

Notice the little green number that says what is synced. In the example below, this means that I have 7 variants of the shirt I just created that are synced to my Squarespace store. I don’t want to see anything in the unsynced category. 

printful shirt added to squarespace

Then, head to your Squarespace store to see if your product synced properly. Double check the design, variants, details, pricing, etc to make sure it looks the way you want it to look.

printful shirt in squarespace store

13. Make any product edits within Printful, not Squarespace

Things change! If you need to make any adjustments to your Printful products that are integrated with your Squarespace store, do it within Printful, not Squarespace. 

Simply edit your product within Printful and republish it. The changes you make will be reflected on the Squarespace side of things.

printful edit shirt after publish to squarespace

There you have it! The Squarespace and Printful integration is a really neat way to seamlessly merge your website with the print on demand platform of your choice. Given all of Printful’s product options, this integration opens up a world of possibilities.

Have fun creating!

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