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About Adventures with Art

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Get to Know Adventures with Art

Diana started Adventures with Art with a mission to help artists with refining the technical art skills that were getting in the way of creating the art they loved.

Who wants to stress over learning how to navigate all of the settings in Procreate? Instead, there should be a site that teaches you those skills so you can get back to creating art. It was in that spirit that Adventures with Art was born!

Since Adventures with Art was born, Diana has written hundreds of posts and tutorials about Procreate, crochet, drawing, Canva, selling art, and more! All of these posts and tutorials have been written and informed by her years of expertise and experience with art.

Get to know Diana and her work as an artist!

Adventures with Art is the place where Diana has fallen in love with sharing her expertise for art, and teaching other artists the skills they need to develop their own art skills.

To get in touch, please visit our contact page.

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