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How to Split Your Content with the Edit Feature in Procreate Dreams

Being able to split your content into separate chunks is an important skill for animating in Procreate Dreams. 

This gives you the power to move things around, apply keyframes to specific areas of your content, and so much more!

Let’s dive into splitting your content in Procreate Dreams with the edit feature.

How to Use the Edit Feature

Before we begin editing our content, we need to find it in the first place. Make sure your content has been added to your Procreate Dreams timeline.

procreate dreams tracks in timeline area pencil animation

You can import your art from Procreate to Procreate Dreams, or draw your content from scratch.

Once your content is ready to go in Procreate Dreams, it’s time to start editing. 

Tap on your content where you want to split it. Wherever you tap you’ll see the playhead appear, which is represented by a clapperboard icon.

procreate dreams playhead icon pencil animation

Tap on the playhead to see your options. Here you’ll be able to add motion keyframes to your content. You’ll also be able to add filter keyframes to your content. And yes, this is also where you can split your content!

procreate dreams keyframe options from playhead pencil character

Once you position your playhead and choose the edit option.

procreate dreams edit button playhead pencil character

Then choose the split option.

procreate dreams split button in edit pencil character

You’ll notice that your content splits into two. 

procreate dreams split content pencil character

You won’t have a separate keyframe track appear, or a separate keyframe that appears there. Instead, you’ll split your content, and that’s it! 

You can split individual content tracks, or groups.

I personally love using the edit option because it’s so seamless and clean.

Just a few taps leaves me with multiple chunks of content I can work with!

If you make any mistakes while editing your content, tap two fingers on your screen to undo it. 

Once you have your content chunks the way you want them to be, you can drag them around to different areas of your timeline, apply keyframes to them, and use them as individualized sections of content how you wish to!

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