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Are Procreate Brushes Free? What You Need to Know

Procreate has a lot of amazing features, but I’d argue that the brushes are one of the most important. They are such an important foundation! How can you create amazing art without brushes?!

It’s clear that brushes are important, but how much will it cost you to get these valuable tools? Are Procreate brushes free?

There’s a large set of Procreate brushes that are included with the purchase of the Procreate app. If you want to add other brushes to your Procreate library, they can vary in price. While there are places to find free Procreate brushes, there are other ones that will cost a fee.

Let’s start off by talking about the included and Procreate free brushes.

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Procreate’s Default Brushes

When you purchase Procreate, there will be a set of brushes included with the app. I call these the default Procreate brushes. But, they are far from simple and basic. In fact, the brushes that come with Procreate are some of the ones that I turn to the most.

They’re fabulous. 

Not only are the brushes well designed, but there’s also a large collection of them. 

Great brushes + a lot of them = happy artist

Procreate’s default brushes come in a number of different categories, from sketching to inking to watercolor and more. 

Looking at the example below, all of the categories and brushes that don’t have a swoosh next to them are a part of Procreate’s default brush library. It’s a lot, right?! 

procreate brush library with dog drawing image

If you don’t want to purchase any Procreate brushes, or worry about finding free ones, Procreate’s default brushes that are included with the app have a LOT to offer. 

Should you open Procreate and find that your default Procreate brushes aren’t there, or messed up in some way, I have an article on resetting your Procreate brushes you can check out.

If you haven’t already, I suggest spending some wonderful time exploring each of the Procreate brushes to have fun with all they can do.

Alright, if you want to move beyond Procreate’s default brushes, let’s talk about the free Procreate brushes and paid Procreate brushes that are out there.

Free Procreate Brushes

There are a lot of places to find free Procreate brushes. So many, in fact, that it can get overwhelming pretty quickly.

I have a list of free calligraphy brushes that I’ve enjoyed using!

fire and ice InkyPixels Procreate brush
This one is so cool!

We’ll be talking about where to purchase Procreate brushes in the next section; some of these marketplaces will have free brushes from time to time. I find myself regularly checking for freebies.

There are also forums and other sites to get free brushes, but the quality and safety of these aren’t verified.

Always be careful when downloading things you can’t validate the credibility of.

And, while more work, here’s the most fun way to get free Procreate brushes – creating your own!

If you’re overwhelmed by the idea of creating a new brush, make a copy of an existing brush and play around with the settings. For example, adjust the brush taper settings and see what happens.

procreate brush pressure taper settings

There are SO many brush settings to play around with that you can create something pretty cool by simply iterating on a brush that already exists.

You can also create brushes from scratch!

My favorite Procreate brushes to create from scratch are stamp brushes. I have a tutorial on creating Procreate stamp brushes where you can learn more!

While this is an article about free Procreate brushes, it would be incomplete without touching on paid Procreate brushes as well.

Paid Procreate Brushes

There are a number of marketplaces to buy additional Procreate brushes. What I like about purchasing Procreate brushes is that they tend to be higher quality than free ones. This is a big generalization and not always true but, personally, it’s been my overall experience. 

My favorite place to purchase Procreate brushes is Design Cuts. I swoon over their brush packs, and have to restrain myself from buying all of them.

Some of the brush packs I’ve grown to love include the Character Drawing Toolkit, which has SO many incredible brushes for making character drawing more efficient.

procreate character drawing toolkit with dog drawing

There’s also the Expedition Sketchbook pack that has some luscious pencils.  

expedition sketchbook with dog drawing

Design Cuts has a LOT of amazing paid Procreate brush packs to check out, but they also have freebies too, so make sure to keep an eye out for those.

Design Bundles is another place that I like to get Procreate brushes from. They also have a neat feature that’s definitely worth talking about – a subscription!

If you sign up for a monthly Plus subscription, you get a certain number of credits that you can use each month to get things on their site, which includes Procreate brushes.

Design Bundles has more than Procreate brushes, so this subscription can be really fun if you want to delve into other design assets like fonts and clip art.

There are a LOT of options as far as Procreate brushes go. You can use the default ones, find free ones, create your own, pay for them, or all of the above. 

Given all of these options, you might end up with more amazing Procreate brushes than you know what to do with, so make sure to organize your Procreate brushes as you add them.

Then, have fun creating amazing art with all of your amazing new brushes!

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